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Your Guide to Debt Freedom

Debt consolidation can often be a challenging task for the average household. Between the bills that you may already have in place, and your previous debt history, you can find it difficult to find the loans for the repayments you need to be making right now. Worst of all, the longer that you wait to make those payments, the more they can pile up. Interest can compound this problem further, until you find yourself in a spiral with bankruptcy at the bottom.

Don’t let yourself get caught in this trap. Consider consolidating your debt payments with a company that specialize in working with household that are overextended and having problems making ends meet/have bad credit. With our debt consolidation for bad credit, you can get yourself back on the right financial track, with a sturdy foundation to establishing a positive payment history, and your financial future.[Read more]

The Right Company for You

Not all debt consolidation services are made equal. Some may be able to offer great interest rates, but long term contractual commitments that may not align with your future plans. Others may offer a higher interest rate, but fewer restrictions. We try to provide our clients with the best of both worlds by taking a balanced approach to our debt consolidation services.

Struggling to repay
your student loans?

Now Calculate
Monthly Payment
Easy as 1, 2, 3

Debt Payments
Saving Example

  • Creditors
  • Balance
  • Total
    on Own
  • Total
  • Monthly
    Payment on
  • Monthly
  • Creditor 1
  • Creditor 2
  • Creditor 3
  • Creditor 4
  • $1746
  • $8496
  • $7547
  • $5250
  • $2292
  • $12742
  • $18925
  • $16143
  • $2020
  • $9982
  • $8795
  • $6073
  • (Consumer must
    participate in a
    counseling session
    with a cetified
    credit counselor and
    meet minimum DMP
  • $83
  • $259
  • $205
  • $135
  • $53
  • $191
  • $179
  • $133
  • $23039
  • $50102
  • $26870
  • $682
  • *$556
According to the estimate using our dmp, the entire debt will be paid
off in 5 years and produce a savings of $23,232 with a monthly
payment that is $126 less!
*Includes DMP Fees

Your money is waiting...